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Juli A. Herren is a professional UX content strategist specializing in B2B
Available for consultation with business leaders outside the technology industry

Meet a senior UX content strategist who’s a creative innovator. My copy compels action by millions of people every year.

BA, Linguistics
BA, English Literature
Editor, home page
UX aficionado

2,125% improvement in conversion

The challenge: Appeal to the 500,000 home-page visitors each month who were identified as “technical audience.” The solution: UX content strategy.

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UX thought leadership

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IBM thought Leadership

As Creative Director and UX copywriter, Juli A. Herren used her skills to showcase the depth and breadth of thought leadership for one of the world’s leading technology companies.

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Digital Marketers: The message is not the meaning

Two children stand facing each other. Their game is to throw a pretty red ball back-and-forth. The first child holds the ball; he owns the message. Now he wants to deliver the ball to his friend. So he takes careful aim. He tosses the ball across the void. He is the Sender of the Message.

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My friend's blog post appeared in my Facebook feed, titled Copy Vs. Graphics: Bickering Spouses of Advertising? I replied, “Makes me glad I’m in a good ‘marriage.’”

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Juli A. Herren
The content creator’s goal is clear: to change human behavior using words

“UX copywriters know that one rule reigns: know your audience. This rule applies whether they write CTA microcopy or a long thought-leadership piece. You can’t write copy that’s relevant or resonant if you can’t speak the nuanced language of your audience. Because of allegiance to this one fundamental rule, the best writers were UX before UX was UX.”

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Dr. Maryam Ashoori
– Long-form profile – Interviewer and writer

"It’s hard to say how many people have built a TJBot—probably tens of thousands in the open source community. And this little robot is taking the world by storm: makers are sharing their versions of him on social media in India, China, Kenya, Pakistan, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Chile, Brazil, Ireland and Senegal, to name a few countries."

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The prism in Lake Lure
– post on Medium –
Writer and photographer

When I was a little girl, my mother brought home a piece of polished glass. It was shaped as a triangle. Sharp edges. She said, “Juli, this is a prism. See what happens when we put it into the light.”

She drew the curtains almost shut, then held the prism in the shaft of sunlight that came through. And everything changed. Rainbows appeared from nowhere, saturated and strong against the dark ceiling. In that instant, color bars sprang onto the walls and jumped across the floor. My Mary Janes rested in a pool of purest blue.

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This UX copywriter loves visual design

A strong image, like a strong message, can stop a user in their tracks.